“It’s the hobby that continues to give for as long as you sew.”

Is a quote from sewmuchfunsewingclass that really spoke out to me. They make many good points about why learning to sew is important! From wanting to save on money by making your own clothes to learning a life skill! This blog may be from 2016 but they make good points on why you and children should learn how to sew. Here is another quote they wrote that really spoke out to me and makes me wish I learned how to sew even younger than I did.

“They develop finger dexterity and fine motor skills, build their self-confidence, learn problem solving, patience and perseverance and also have a social creative outlet for meeting with friends.”

When looking up why sewing is important to learn, a lot of blogs bring up the same ideas- you can mend things, you can create gifts, it helps you save money, and helps you with finger dexterity and be able to work with small objects. Theinspiredwist also gives off a list just like that.

I would also like to connect sewing with cosplay, since that is what my blog often refers to whenever I talk about sewing certain pieces of clothing.

“While Cosplay sewing does involve garment sewing skills, it’s more costume oriented – which  means you may not have to spend as much time on the finishing details and fussing over fit. The main driver of the time, attention and care given to garment construction, fit and embellishment will largely depend on how many times you plan to wear the costume.”

This is a quote from cometitchwithme, who may be making a post about their cosplay classes but at the same time they are right! They talk about the fact that people are getting more into things like cosplay these days, especially teenagers. This is a good thing! Fussing over details and trying hard to make something look accurate.

I have linked a few other cosplayers that I have found inspiring here on wordpress in the Other Sewing Bloggers tab on the navigation and I recommend you checking them out!