“An introduction to painting. This course offers instruction in handling of a variety of painting mediums, paint surfaces and all techniques involved in painting production. Through a series of painting problems, students will become adept in creating paintings that focus on color and personal language. Exploration of limited palettes, underpainting, composition and ways to begin, develop, and resolve paintings will be covered extensively.”

This class will teach you how to choose what topic of painting you may want to do and how you will do it. Taking photos from real life and putting it in your own style. It will teach you that mixing just red and blue won’t simply make a purple, but sometimes other colors like pinks and oranges will help advance color and let it suit you better. There is more to painting than just looking at a picture and putting it on canvas, but actually making it your own.

Landscape Taken With a Phone

This painting was one of the last paintings we did in class, we literally built the canvas ourselves, stretched it, and then finally got to paint on it. It was a very fun process and I found out that I can make canvas’ my self for much cheaper. This is a very Bob Ross inspired painting, at the time I was watching many videos of his every night as a way to relax and as a way to learn- I didn’t get the hills as I wanted in the background but I’m still proud.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.