1: implied but not necessarily stated about Sammy before the story begins?:

Sammy is a young man who has an eye for detail. It’s a slow job so he’s able to look at customers and notice the little things about them. He describes the chunky girl and how she is tanned in certain places and not in others, but then is also easily able to describe the older woman he’s checking out but describing her more as old and witch-like. We also know that he is a retail worker.

2: the inciting indecent/event that sets the story into motion?:

The three girls are wandering around the store, going up and down each aisle. They know they are being watched, he mentions how the queen feels his gaze but doesn’t tip. 

3: the rising action/tension making action?:

Sammy and his coworker, Stokesis, have a conversation about the fact that these girls are wearing bathing suits yet the beach is five miles away. They were in the middle of town dressed like this.

4: the crisis?:

Lengel, the manager, comes in just when the girls are at the checkout. He tells them that they are not decently dressed and they will have to come back when their shoulders are covered.

5: the falling action?:

The girls are told to leave, and so they do and start heading towards the door after Sammy’s manager asks him if he had rung the girls up yet or not.

6: Sammy’s reflection/realization/epiphany?:

Sammy wanted to be their unsuspecting hero and hoped that they would stay and watch as he fought for their right to buy at that store by quitting and making a scene. However they have already left and because he took action he decided to follow through with it.

7: implied but not necessarily stated about Sammy after the story ends?: He sees that the world easily carries on without him, that even though he quit, Lengel took his place without a second thought. Sammy mentions how the world was going to be hard on him, and it implies he will most likely end up with a similar job to the one he just had.