There is no water
Yet you are drowning

Your hands clasp your neck
Nails digging into the skin just to feel something
This action doesn’t help you breathe
Yet the sensation feels comfortable

Bubbles blur your vision
The only water in sight is the salt streaming down your cheeks

So vulnerable
It’s embarrassing
Yet you have no control

Choking on the fear as your legs give out
Your knees hit the ground and your body follows

Even though you lay there
You feel like you are floating
An empty void with a lack of air
Are you dying?

Hours and minutes don’t matter
It feels like forever and only a couple of seconds at the same time

You gasp yet nothing happens
Your heart rate slows
Your eyes close
You must be dead

The voices are panicked
Are you okay has a clear answer

The darkness engulfs you
It had always been there
It’s comforting in a way
It’s a way where you know you’re okay

The Image that Inspired this Poem From My Instagram