I personally don’t wear onesies because I overheat, I did one time for cosplay though! And it was super comfortable! I honestly wouldn’t mind trying to make one again now.

Now there is a onesie, something that you would imagine like a child wearing, and there are kigurumis, something that children could also wear but I often see them more personalized towards adults. They are much baggier than a onesie. I can see a onesie being something you sleep in and a kigurumi being something you walk around the house in all day in quarantine or after work.

Dave Strider from Homestuck – 2014

Here is a list of Onsie Tutorials!

  • Crafty Amy has an older tutorial on youtube from 2013! With this she has you base the onesie off of your own sweatpants and sweatshirt.
  • Madebyaya has a very similar tutorial without words but this one includes a hood!
  • Withwendy has more of a kigurumi style, one that is more of a baggy version of a onesie.
  • Berriebarley has a cute Mike Wazoski tutorial, it’s much quicker than the other videos.
Medusa from Soul Eater – 2014

I never used to wear rompers, making that Medusa cosplay was probably the first time I ever wore one and it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college when I started wearing them again! Now I wear them all the time because honestly they are much more comfortable than most clothes.

Here is a list of Romper Tutorials!

  • The Craftpreneur gives a simple tutorial where all you do is trace your shirt and shorts- which is honestly all a romper is.
  • Jamie-Kay also has a quick video, they have the pattern in a different video though which is probably why it is a quick one.
  • WithWendy has a romper tutorial as well! The more I blog the more I’ve noticed her on YouTube.
  • Jonyae has an interesting tutorial where they actually turn a baggy shirt into a romper.

It’s a bit hard to find differences in videos with these two types of sewing themes, most of them are basically the same or have very similar methods. With almost everything fashion and sewing, of course there are always different looks and with that it requires a lot of research to be done!