“As words form a bridge between thought and speech, images are creations of the mind made real. Together, words and images have the capability of forming a rich dialogue about what is truly important to you. In this course we will explore creative writing, visual imagery, and art journal techniques to create a painted book that explores who you are, what you see, and how you think. Students will transform pages of an old book through the practice of drawing, painting and collage to learn a variety of creative journal making strategies. Sources for inspiration will be gathered from personal experiences and exploratory art processes. There will be an emphasis on creative writing and image making, and the course involves select readings about, and by the artists, in history who have created art journals. The culmination of this course is a hand-bound book of all work that was created during the semester.”

Taking something old and making it new and making it your own is important. With this class we took an old book, ripped it apart, and painted our own stories within it. It is a way to teach you that you don’t need to color within the lines as well as teach you how to scrapbook your memories in more ways than just adding actual photographs. You have to draw everything yourself, make the letters you write your own, and over all just be create with everything. It gives you a new view on your memories and how you display them.

Opening Page of my Book

I am pretty sure one of the projects we were meant to do on the first few pages was display our name in some way so that if anyone viewed the book in class they could see that it belonged to us. At the time I had just bought a ton of new pens and was obsessed with making little markings in the corners of pages so I went with it and extended it.

A Page Based on the Ocean

In this class we got to experiment with paints and markers, I found myself enjoying the fact that when moving the brush across the page with the mixture of green and blue it looked somewhat like the ocean. I painted over some black blobs with watered down paint and in the end it looks like a blurry ocean.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.