This process was very stressful to me at first, yes by the end I was still very stressed out by it, but by the fifth entry I knew that I could at least do it and get it done instead of writing it with double the time we were meant to. After the first few writings I decided to try and think back to what my favorite high school teacher had told me, remembering some of her descriptive words and deciding to write on that like the idea of a cat laying in the shape of a cashew. I had also thought of some ideas throughout the days before if the homework had crossed my mind at any point of time. If I did get stumped, I would look around the house and find an item to write about, like the calendar with a bird on it made me think of the bird feeder that the squirrels steal from so I wrote about that. I found that it shouldn’t be as stressful as I was making it out to be. I think this also just went to show me how out of touch I had been with writing creatively due to the fact that the only writing I feel like I’ve been able to do is for final papers.