Me? Sewing something that isn’t for cosplay? Shocker!

Prom 2016

At this point in my life I hated dress shopping. I didn’t weigh as much as I do now but they still didn’t make many pretty dresses in my size. Most of the girls my size had also already bought all those dresses and claimed them on the prom dress Facebook page so I decided to make my own!

Prom wasn’t all that special to me. I wasn’t dating anyone, most of my guy friends went with their girlfriends, and I didn’t really see a reason as to why I should doll up all that much and spend hundreds of dollars on a dress. So I made my own… In like, a day and a half.

I’m still very proud of how this dress turned out though. The photo my mom took is a very unflattering angle for the dress but nonetheless no one at prom had as unique a dress as I did!

Miraculous Ladybug – 2019

When making dresses I sort of eyeball it. I think once I watched enough tutorials I kind of just started doing my own thing- again, probably not the smartest idea. I think though after making this blog and trying to link tutorials for beginners I might actually start trying what they do.

Star Butterfly – 2017

How To Sew A Dress

Just like all the other blog posts, I have to say this. There are so many different types of dresses that if you want to make one you should probably do some research beforehand and figure out what type you want to make!

Photo from 123rf
  • Michara Tewers– I have shared her before! She is honestly one of my favorite YouTubers and probably one of the two cosplayers on YouTube that I watch frequently. She often makes dresses and “gives tutorials” but she does everything sped up so you don’t really know what she’s doing unless you’ve sewn something like that before. Nonetheless, she’s entertaining and she loves to recreate dresses like Ariana Grande’s dress. (I would also like to add that when you type into YouTube how to make a dress she shows up as well.)
  • Coolirpa has a tutorial about making a dress without a dress-form! It’s horrible of me, but I sort of forgot that most people don’t own dress-forms.
  • Jessica Shaw has a cute tutorial about making a dress from scratch. It’s a simple dress, nothing too flashy so it’s a good starter if you’re new to sewing.
  • Kara Metta has a tutorial where you make your own pattern and my mind is blown. She used wrapping paper to make the pattern, I have never thought of that or heard of that. I only knew of pattern paper and people using newspaper!
  • Rosery Apparel gives you a free pattern that you can download which is very nice of them to do.
  • Sew Aldo shows how to make a skirt into a dress which these types of things are always interesting and are such good life hacks.